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Read more QCo De S is an open source data acquisition framework that was created by distilling the homegrown solutions used in Station Q’s experimental labs, and infused with all the best practices from the open source software world.It includes a simple syntax to define complex sweeps over n-dimensional parameter space, all the machinery required to visualize...The Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, preview available here, includes the following three key components: Fully integrated quantum-focused programming language Q# (Q-sharp): Designed ground up for quantum, Q# is the most approachable high-level programming language with a native type system for qubits, operators, and other abstractions....

Today, we take the next step in this journey with the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit to help you get started with quantum development.From cassava, the staple food of Southeast Asia, to grapes, the source of wine in Italy, and mulberry trees, the food for silk moths in China, these tiny micro-organisms are responsible for devastating damage to agricultural crops across the globe.“However, there are still no proven measures to address this problem,” says Namba.To exploit the potential of non-Abelian anyons—which are key elements of topological quantum computing—fully, they need...Read more We show how a quantum computer can be employed to elucidate reaction mechanisms in complex chemical systems, using the open problem of biological nitrogen fixation in nitrogenase as an example.

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Figure 1: Phytoplasma infection cycle When a leafhopper inserts its piercing stylet into the vein of a plant infected with phytoplasmas and draws up the sap from the phloem, the phytoplasmas are transferred into the leafhopper’s body, where they multiply.