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Ultra-simple games based on a single mechanism, needing only a dozen pieces or cards and emphasizing a zen esthetic have always been around.

The latter designed highly thematic games, often violent or humorous, graphically heavy, with long and confusing rules, with incessant tactical decisions often leading to chaos.

Vaccarino, Matt Leacock or Andreas Stedding clearly belong to both schools, and I think thats also my case.

As a historian, I also tried to avoid the easy and universal explanation that people thought differently in the past than they think nowadays.

The next one is Two Rooms and a Boom, which can accommodate around 60 players.

Comme historien, jai aussi toujours évité lexplication trop facile qui voudrait que les hommes davant naient pas pensé comme ceux daujourdhui.

While Seiji Kanai was imagining Love Letter, Rikki Tahta was designing Coup and I was working on Mascarade.

Minimalism Things are becoming more complex, and I wonder if we could now add a third school, which we can call the minimalist or the Japanese school even when its already internationalized.

They are becoming popular, and might well be the next big craze and thats a good thing.

Le monde du jeu de société est en développement rapide depuis quelques années.

Well, this game now exists its called Coin Age, and just broke all its stretch goals on Kickstarter.

De petits gros jeux Eight Minute Empire, de Ryan Laukat, a un matériel un peu plus fourni, avec quelques cubes en bois et un petit plateau de jeu, mais la démarche de son auteur est similaire.

Tiny games cleverly designed to use as little place and as little time as possible were mostly an exercise in game design, and few gamers were really interested in them.

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Game designers from here and there know each other, and they meet and discuss daily on the internet..