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The tray icon's pop-up menu leads to a compact preferences dialog, where you can adjust the app's feature set for high- or low-bandwidth connections.

The same pop-up menu lets you send out an email invitation to connect to your machine; the invitation works only once and has to be used within ten hours of sending.

This gives you access to your own home or office desktop while traveling with your laptop, or you can send out an invitation to someone else that lets them access your machine.

Almost all remote access apps also let you perform other tasks, like copying files back and forth between the machine you're really sitting in front of (the "local" machine) and the remote one, or copying text or graphics to the clipboard on one machine and pasting it on the other, or even opening a chat window so you can talk with whomever is sitting in front of the remote machine.

You can also generate a list of one-time passwords to print out and use instead of a single access code.

More than any rival product, Go To My PC offers straightforward, effortless access to remote machines, easy file transfer, sync, and chat features.

Plus, it's easy enough to install on your tech-challenged uncle's machine for the times when he needs your help recovering from his mistakes.The viewer window that shows the remote machine has an uncluttered toolbar leading to sound, file-transfer and a few other features.If the remote machine has two monitors, you can click a button on the viewer border to switch between them, or scale down the view of the remote machine so that both monitors appear in the viewer window at the same time.To install Go To My PC on the Windows machine that you want to access, you download a setup app that starts Go To My PC running continuously in the background.You can access its features by right-clicking on its Taskbar tray icon, but there's no standalone app that you run from the Start Menu.

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It also has the best-designed mobile-access app of all the apps we've tried.