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Introduced to Loubna Aghzafi, a local resident helping out as a translator for the Moroccan community – Grenfell Tower had contained a substantial Moroccan contingent – the Duke was told about the large number of traumatised child survivors.‘He gave me the name of a contact of one of the charities so I need to get them to come down,’ said Mr Aghzafi.‘He said: “Please make sure to tell people that they need to talk about it”.’The Queen and her grandson were then steered into the main sports hall where dozens of homeless locals have been camping on the floor.

‘The voices of the children, that was very upsetting,’ Vassiliki said softly.

According to one volunteer, the Duke of Cambridge then slipped back into the room to console the woman out of sight of the cameras.

Before leaving, the royal visitors signed a book of condolence beneath yet more posters appealing for news of missing people, so many of them children.

But if there was one public figure whom this irate, bereaved community was genuinely happy to see, it was the head of state.

Accompanied by the Duke of Cambridge, the Queen had wanted a minimum of fuss ahead of her arrival. Only a tiny greeting line was waiting outside the front door.

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Two hours earlier, a police officer in breathing apparatus had escorted her back to the family home next to Grenfell Tower for the first time since the blaze.

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