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The X is compatible with Qi-certified charging accessories, and Apple has pledged to bring out its own Air Power charging kit next year.

These are Apple features that were introduced along with the i Phone 6s last year.

In order to make real progress - a bigger screen, a more immersive experience, a step closer to the ideal of a pure interface, a plate of glass with no physical buttons at all - Apple has done things that people might not like. Of course, edge-to-edge screens became commonplace in the Android world while Apple rested on its laurels for three generations, and the Note is 8 is close to bezel-less itself.

There's about a centimetre of frame above and below the display, while the screen curves right down over the left and right edges.

A thin white tab is always visible on the righthand edge, and if you tap it you can pull in frequently used apps and contacts and other quick access options.

The Note 8 also comes in two finishes: Midnight Black and Maple Gold.

As flagship phones both of these devices are stuffed with state-of-the-art features.

The emojis in our phones and social media apps probably weren't created to communicate sexual messages.

But over time, many of them have become double entendres.

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