Get datakey from gridview rowupdating

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Get datakey from gridview rowupdating

We also need to set the Callback Settings for editing so that there is no postback when the grid is edited.

After setting editindex refresh the grid by calling Bin Grid. Find the Unique id for deleting the row from Data Keys collection of gridview.

after filtering) and now the user wants to edit the grid.

It's not possible because there's no other row which can be clicked to change the selection and save changes. For such a scenario, you just have to call the client side update() method of C1Grid View (on a button click) and it'll work.

In this event we have to handle the Delete Button Code. Edit Index specifies which row is in edit mode by setting Row Index to it.

Instead if you are using default Delete Button of Grid View then register for Row Deleting event of Grid View and for accessing Unique ID columnvalue from database you need to fetch the id from Data Keys collection of Grid View. By default Edit Index of gridview is -1 (Normal mode). Find Control(“txt Designation”) as Text Box; Finally update the row and refresh the grid.

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Update in Grid View For Update register Row Updating event of the gridview.

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