Gi wheeler dating fanfiction captain planet

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Because "Attack Of The Six-And-A-Half-Foot Whatever" isn't as terrifying...

Back to you Dan." "Reporting live from Wall Street, Karen Gillys.

Counterattacking from the air is another option, but risks invoking Helicopter Flyswatter.

A standard plot for animated shows, but tough to pull off seriously for live action. After all, why settle for the standard-size Monster of the Week when you could have a giant one?

For humans, expect Magic Pants to be in effect — can't have a giant person, after all. Differs from Shapeshifting in that the character generally just becomes a much bigger version of whatever they were before.

Pet monkeys and lizards, however, tend to seamlessly morph into either King Kong or Godzilla knock-offs along the way, no matter what their original species were.

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Remarkably, the sudden shift has been widely celebrated most by those that stand to lose their financial independence, as the new conglomerate has taken over a near limitless supply of franchises, which had been left closed by the economic Crisis.

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