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Google adsense dating sites

Hence good content will certainly ensure higher Adsense CPC rates. Read: Allow block ads: In Google Adsense you will find Allow block ads.Moreover, Good content is what search engine loves, hence more click and more revenue if your ad is highly targeted and your traffic is from the countries like U. You can go there and see yourself how much each ad category is paying you.Hence, always tailor your blog and its content to audiences in English-speaking countries. So always keep in mind the country you are targeting.Text & Image Format Perhaps I should have explained this suggestion in the beginning of the blog.Niche First thing first, choosing a right niche for your blog or website is of utmost important.Cost Per Click or CPC of an ad directly depends upon the topic on which you’re writing your blog. Let me clarify one thing here that you’re going to choose niche however there are niches that can pay you high CPC. Here is the list of niches that can give you high return, I have arranged them in decreasing order of CPC.

This is something familiar about the non-English blog.

Then ad format must be text because text ads have higher CTR (click through rate).

You can even try ad format for both text & image simultaneously as it gives you more CPC.

If you fall in the category of those Ad Sense publishers, who are getting huge traffic but Adsense earning is still low, it’s time to understand points which are mentioned below, and this will surely help to increase Adsense CPC and overall revenue.

Let’s start with answering basic question first and then we will move to some working tips to increase Ad Sense CPC.

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Remember you should always directly engage with your readers.

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