Hal sparks dating

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Hal sparks dating

Who are Nelson Burkhard and Kathy Santoni Fans would recall Nelson Burkhard and Kathy Santoni from the original "Full House" series.

Nelson, DJ's on-off boyfriend, was insanely rich and was more in love with her than she was with him.

Looks like sparks will fly when "Fuller House" Season 2 returns to Netflix on Dec. Hal Sparks ("Queer as Folk") will be joining the Tanner family as DJ Tanner-Fuller's (Candace Cameron Bure) haughty but wealthy ex-boyfriend, Nelson Burkhard.

TVLine reported that he will be running into DJ during their high school reunion, where she'll quickly discover that he hasn't changed one bit.

The role was originally filled by Jason Marsden on the original "Full House" series two decades ago, but the character was recasted for "Fuller House" Season 2 after the actor refused to revisit the role.

She can be both DJ's friend and enemy depending on the situation, but she is mostly known for outgrowing most of her high school peers and being the "it" girl of her batch.This issue is an ongoing one in the gay community: some gay-rights activists complain that other gays are conforming to a heterosexual lifestyle (Such as adopting children and moving away from the gay friendly cities and into the more banal and conservative suburbs), thereby ignoring and rendering useless their plight against Conservativism.In one of the final episodes, Michael is badly injured in a bomb explosion at the local gay nightclub, Babylon.There's also good news for the sterile Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), who will be getting a new love interest in the form of Jimmy come "Fuller House" Season 2. TVLine reported that he's a good-looking musician with just a touch on the weird side - a truly great match for the equally zany Stephanie!

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After Lindsay and Melanie break up at the beginning of the fifth season, Michael becomes upset that his and Melanie's daughter is being raised in a broken home and an ugly custody battle ensues.

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