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If the satire isn't aimed directly at the target, though, audiences might even find it more offensive. They don't act like they just lost their house and home.

Has elements in common with Harsher in Hindsight and "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. But hey, I'm sure that's a reaction a lot of people would have when they went through...

This usually means that one spouse must give the other spouse an “equalization payment” (see below). A family lawyer can help you understand your property rights.

The , all assets were deemed to be “family assets” regardless of ownership.

Couples who are unmarried but live together as if married are called “common law” couples primarily because it is the common law, and not Ontario legislation, that governs their property rights on relationship breakdown. Only property that was acquired by the joint efforts of the couple is to be shared.

One frequent situation is when a new episode (or possibly an old one) is edited or not broadcast because it coincides with some recent tragic event.A prominent example for Americans was that, for several years, any show featuring the former twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, New York tended to be tweaked a bit.Some older shows and even movies had broadcasts digitally edited to remove it from the skyline.In Canada, each Province has its own property legislation which in some cases is similar to that of Ontario but not necessarily the same.For the rules about dividing property, does it make a difference whether the couple were married or living common law? For most family law issues, it does not matter if you and your spouse were legally married or living common-law.

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Living “common-law” refers to couples who live together as spouses, but have not legally married each other. Examples are: The law says that married spouses share responsibility for household management, earning income and childcare during their marriage. When a marriage ends, the partnership ends and property has to be divided.

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