Is the countess de lesepps dating

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"I wasn't great at the reunion because we had had a fight the weekend before, and I stayed at the hotel. Luann did not hook up with Scott Disick."We were at the same restaurant, but there was no canoodling going on." (Also, she thinks "he's not a real lord.")14. It was a bad situation that was not going to get any better. I was at the reunion and standing by my husband because I respect him, no matter what happened, I respect our marriage. "He's a flirty guy, he's a social guy, but I think people take that the wrong way sometimes." 6. So I don't blame him, but I just think life takes care of itself in a certain way." 15. As much as anyone watching is not surprised, it must be hard to go through and admit against all the opposition.That takes a lot of courage VVmc9euo E — Nickie Nix (@Nickie Nix) August 3, 2017 "I told Luann I'm there for her whether this worked out or not and here I am.No longer a countess, and soon, no longer even married.Luann de Lesseps has finally taken the advice of many of her friends and fellow Real Housewives and is ending her marriage to Tom D'Agostino. Hey, so remember when Luann de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino definitely probably weren't splitting up?

The divorce was a mutual decision, apparently."We both filed. We were both having problems, and we were both suffering. Luann is not a chump."There's many things you can say, but I'm not a chump," she declared.8. Lu's best defense is that she had "blinders" on for most of her relationship with Tom."All I can say is I had these blinders on, and all of a sudden, the blinders came off, and I was like, this is not good." 10. I got married the first time after two weeks of [dating] and it lasted 17 years, so somehow I thought, you know what, this could happen again to me...

Luann and Tom kind of broke up a couple of times during their marriage."We had a couple of bouts," she revealed. Luann would not be thrilled if Tom started dating Missy. And you know, of course, it would be uncomfortable if he started to date one of the girls that the girls have been warning me about on the show." 11.

, it was revealed that Luann De Lesseps’ then-fiance, Tom D’Agostino, had cheated on her, being photographed making out with a woman at a bar in New York City. However, during her road to the wedding this season on the show, De Lesseps dealt with countless accusations, cheating claims and concerns from her friends.

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We mean, de Lesseps' costar Ramona Singer has already weighed in on the news.

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