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I have shown them because they are, perhaps, more the type of example with which we are familiar in our daily lives.This standard and character of design is commonly found all over the Middle East.Note the strong difference in treatment and effect between the simple cursive running design on the framing and that of the main geometrically laid out panels.There is more written about the basic geometries behind Islamic patterns on both this page and the next page which illustrate some of the constructions behind basic Islamic designs.Incidentally, all of these first three examples are based on eight point geometry, a common and relatively easy framework to establish.Mention was made above of three characters of Islamic design, and it might be useful to illustrate something of them briefly here even though they are not really related to the subject of these notes.

However, the example is not from Arabia but was made in France and is one of a pair of silver door panels, shown above on its side.

They represent the character of inlaid work that is displayed in many decorative pieces.

Sold to tourists many such items are brought back from the Arab world.

These first four illustrations are of Islamic geometric patterns that have been executed on different materials, respectively silver, stone, leather and glazed mosaic, and are commonly considered representative of Islamic design.

While not demonstrating the wide variety of geometric treatments to be found in Islamic or Arab geometries, they are here to introduce something of the design character and materials that were used in decoration.

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While many regard Islamic designs as being based on strict geometrical constructions, there are also Islamic designs that are formed with floral devices and where the governing geometry might not be immediately obvious.

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