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She has been caught driving around with her son in her lap and she has partied so hard that she hasn’t had time to take care of her children or to even put her panties on.Last but not least, she has been hospitalized at a psychiatric clinic a couple of times…The book was all about how to cope with estrangement from an adult child. It is said that Jaid took Drew to Studio 54 almost before the child could walk.Drew was drinking at the age of nine and was snorting cocaine at 13.Stern – among others – it was clear that Birkhead didn’t fight for his fatherly rights just because of his love for his daughter, but also for the truckloads of cash that the baby might bring him in the future.And he has already made some dough of his little baby girl by granting interviews and photo ops…Even though we all know that the King of Pop loves children; we placed him on this list because a normal parent doesn’t dangle his baby from a balcony. It was in November 2002, that Jackson traveled to Berlin to accept an award for his humanitarian efforts. To answer this question we need to take a trip down memory lane… However, he was found liable for their wrongful deaths in civil court. That Simpson isn’t a great role model for his kids must be the understatement of the millennium… Well, Britney Spears has probably done everything a mother should NOT do.

The series, created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, originally ran on The CW for six seasons from September 19, 2007, to December 17, 2012.

However, we can’t go to the next on our list without mentioning the latest scary story that has surfaced – that Hulk has had a sexual affair with his daughter’s best friend, Christane Plante. In order to hurt her ex, Kim Basinger allegedly leaked a nasty voicemail (see the Alec Baldwin listing below) to the media.

This proves to us that she doesn’t care all that much about her 11-year-old daughter’s feelings.

A year and a half after Crawford’s death (she died in 1977), her daughter Christina published a bestseller entitled, “Mommie Dearest” (it later became a movie), which contained allegations that Crawford was emotionally and physically abusive to both her and her brother, Christopher. Sorry, but we just had to include Jennifer Aniston’s mom, Nancy Aniston, on our list, even though she is not really famous. Well, because this mom from hell granted an interview about her daughter to a tabloid television show to capitalize on her daughter’s fame.

But when Jennifer got angry and cut all ties with her mother, what did Nancy do? No, instead she wrote a book called “From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir”. Because Drew Barrymore‘s mom (who is probably most famous for posing for Playboy) showed her daughter how to party when she was just a kid.

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usually we don’t get to hear about them but sometimes we get to witness the fruit of their mistakes in the flush spotlight of page 3 gossip and what not. While some might say that Ozzy and Sharon are the coolest parents in the whole wide world, we think they are pretty rotten.

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