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Real women would think to themselves, 'yeah, I can wear that.'”She says what worried her most when she left the show was that the industry would punish her for being so outspoken. I’m glad I’ve got a bit of junk in my trunk."Although Jen was working in Flares nightclub in Wigan before she went on the show, she had done a bit of part-time modelling before, just small, local jobs.Has she been snapped up by Marie Claire for its next cover? She had been signed aged 22 by the Manchester branch of Boss models after winning a competition in a local paper. “I had just had my daughter and so because I was running around after her I dropped to a size 10.

“You look so beautiful,” Anderson had gushed to Marianne, when anyone sane would have told her, “Your hips bones and ribs are protruding through that dress; go and eat a peanut butter sandwich.” But Jen refuses to criticise her rival. When I asked why it is that models have to be one size, I was told that it’s because designers only make clothes that are sample size - an eight or below - and that most of the buyers are from Asia, where women are small. Can you imagine if you worked with someone with a bit of shape how magnificent they can make an outfit look? But I would never turn my back on what I said, I believe it with a passion.

If the older work is repackaged to accentuate the actor's later successes, it falls into Billing Displacement.

When Jen Hunter – possibly the most famous size 12 in Britain, and certainly in possession of the milkiest, most voluptuous thighs in the western hemisphere -- arrives at the studio in West London for our shoot, she is wearing full make-up, her hair has been freshly washed, and she is in a bright red sweater dress and chunky boots.

If you have to kill yourself for a job you have to think, is it worth it?

”Jen says she doesn’t want her two-year-old daugher, Kairah, who has inherited her mother’s lips (like Angelina Jolie’s) and heart-shaped face, and her father, Devlin’s, long black eyelashes, to grow up with a mum who is “Always obsessing over how she looks, or who is short with her because she hasn’t eaten,” she says.

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It was undergoing testing when it veered from the tracks. Footage from the crash scene shows the train sprawled across the tracks.

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