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Typically, the cam is used with such heads as the Edelbrock Performer, the GT-40, the TFS Twisted Wedge, and so on, and long runner-style intakes. Customers with 351-based strokers usually opt for a cam with more lift and duration."Problems with the '94-'95 computers getting along with hotter cams can be an issue. 19 cam seems to fit right in the range of adding significant performance while not disturbing the sensitive stock computer programming.

Both of our test cars have taken advantage of this technology-and the heavy testing-to come out with nice combinations. The cam specs out at 0.480/0.480-inch lift with a split-duration profile of 220/226.

The most common thread is a lot of people have '94-'95 Mustangs, but the cam works very well for other years as well.

The car features a stock bottom end with 80,000 miles, a Vortech S-Trim making 11-12 psi, Roush CNC-cut GT-40 aluminum Y heads with Paul Faessler finishing work, a ported Cobra intake, a 65mm FRPP throttle body, an 80mm Pro-M mass air, 42-lb/hr injectors, MAC short-tube headers, a Dr.

Gas off-road X-pipe, a stock after-cat, and a custom Paul's Automotive-tuned Autologic chip.

Without a rollbar, track testing is a ways off, but expect something in the low 11s at more than 125 mph with sticky tires."I'm very pleased with the results of the No. "It has run great on the street, even with the A/C on, and I have no regrets. It starts to pull away from the stock bumpstick at 3,000 rpm, then it really takes off at 3,500.

It continues to pull hard until 5,500 with my combo. It has a mild chop at around a 750-rpm idle-pretty smooth, but enough to know it has a cam.

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It will sound a little meaner and shake the car with a lower idle around 550-650.