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Live cams seks hat

The 2016 yearly total of 84 unprovoked attacks was on par with our most recent five-year (2011-2015) average of 82 incidents annually.

In addition to the two deaths in Australia, there were two fatalities in New Caledonia.

However, year-to-year variability in local meteorological, oceanographic, and socio-economic conditions also significantly influences the local abundance of sharks and humans in the water and, therefore, the odds of encountering one another.

As a result, short-term trends in the number of shark bites up or down must be viewed with caution.

The number of shark-human interactions occurring in a given year is directly correlated with the amount of time humans spend in the sea.

As world population continues its upsurge and interest in aquatic recreation concurrently rises, we realistically should expect increases in the number of shark attacks and other aquatic recreation-related injuries.

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Such marked yearly fluctuations in shark-human interactions, be they regional or international in scope, are not unusual.

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