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Louisiana divorce laws and dating

Undermining authority is a form of alienation because, over time, the perpetrating parent has the child believe that there is a right way of parenting and a wrong way and the “wrong way” by the parent being alienated makes that parent less capable of parenting, the subject of ridicule and far less important in the child’s life.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and, in alienation cases, one parent influences the child to believe the other parent’s authority is not important and can or should be disregarded.Let’s further assume in our hypothetical this parental substitution has gone on for many years before the biological father got our law firm involved, even though he was actively (though not equally) involved in the child’s life and even though he was weary of what he saw. Parental substitution, like other forms of alienation, takes place in many ways.The most common are: If parental substitution is allowed to continue, it can become like a virus and even if you are able to show in court that this form of parental alienation is taking place, it may be too late to persuade the child (especially as he or she gets into the teenage years) otherwise.Bonding and respect are lost and the result can be disastrous if allowed to fester. I am not sure we invented it but the concept is simple.The alienating parent places the child into a position (and influences the child as a result) of making decisions the child does not have the age or maturity to make.

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My mom, who adores my kids second only to their parents.

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