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The devastation to the grain crops may also have been suffered by others, making it not only easy to get them all to unite but highly necessary, and the Hittites may be taken by surprise by the sheer forcefulness of the attack.

Recent Hittite resurgence suffers a knock when their fort of Masat is burned down, but then the capital, Hattusa, is itself attacked and burned.

Harpagus, a Median of the royal house and the main cause of the defeat of the Medes, commands Cyrus' army in Anatolia, conquering it between 547-546 BC.

Taken during this campaign are Caria, Lycia, Lydia, Paphlagonia, Phrygia, and Tabal (Cappadocia), and Harpagus and his descendants reign thereafter in Caria and Lycia as satraps of the empire, normally within the satrapy of Caria. Even during the Persian empire period, Lycia continued to enjoy some level of autonomy under native dynasts.

With Arzawa to the north and Tarhuntassa to the east, they apparently formed a minor state (or vassal region) of Arzawa, but may have been little more than a confederation of tribes or minor states.

According to Isocrates, no Persian ever gained control of Lycia, although dynastic inscriptions of Xanthos show that several of the regional satraps often vied against each other for mastery of it.

In 334 BC Alexander of Macedon launches his campaign into the Persian empire by crossing the Dardanelles.

The Lycian troops are led by Sarpedon and Glaucus, descendants of Glaucus of Corinth, but the former is killed by Patroclus.

The Persian defeat of the Medes opens the floodgates for Cyrus with a wave of conquests, beginning with Cilicia in 549 BC.

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The region had no political power - no treaties with the Hittites are recorded - and no Lukka king is ever named.

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