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One December night in 1942 a Nazi parachutist landed in a Cambridgeshire field. His name was Eddie Chapman, a British bank robber recruited by the Germans, who would shortly become MI5's Agent Zigzag.

Dashing and louche, courageous and unpredictable he was to be Britain's most sensational double agent and a man hailed as a hero by both sides.

Lunching with them at the Berkeley Hotel they reported their lack of success to Eddie. 'He had six mistresses in his life and I used to say, when he was getting towards his end, 'You know, you had all those mistresses.

One of the detectives, wondering what exactly they should be looking for, asked him: 'Is there anyone here who resembles her? ' Eddie walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. How I wish there was one here now who could help me with you! An extremely attractive woman she made a successful career in health farms, although she always fell short of the final step of commitment to someone else.

'That girl looks like her from the back,' Eddie said. 'Eddie once said it was better to live one day as a tiger than a whole life as a lamb,' she recalls.He reported to the Germans that their bombs were overshooting their central London target when in fact they were landing in the city.The Germans corrected their aim with the result that many fell short of London in Kent, doing far less damage and saving a great many people.easy This is a listing of dating sites that barely scratch the surface of what is out there.If you are interested in meeting men overseas I recommend checking some of them out.

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