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There are even whispers—shocker of shockers—of sexual abuse in the Menendez family.

Jose Enrique Menendez was an American success story.

In court, Arnel Salvatierra’s lawyer convinced the jury that Arnel was the victim of a lifetime of physical and psychological abuse by his father. “What happens if they get older, and if the cumulative effect of all these years of abuse finally drives them over the edge, and Lisa Steinberg pulls a gun and kills Joel Steinberg?

By this time he and Kitty had had two sons and settled down to a graceful life on a million-dollar estate in Princeton, New Jersey.This story is relevant to the Menendez case in that the same Leslie Abramson is one-half of the team defending the affluent Menendez brothers. Gerald Chaleff, with whom she frequently teams, is representing Lyle.On an earlier, burglary case involving the brothers, Chaleff, who gained prominence in criminal law as the defender of the Hillside Strangler, represented Erik.Expressing dismay with the verdict, Ricky’s mother told reporters she had hoped her son would be spared a prison term. And then there were the Woodman brothers, Stewart and Neil, accused of hiring two assassins to gun down their rich parents in Brentwood.Tried separately, Stewart was convicted of first-degree murder.

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The young traveler in the swivel chair was returning to California after a sojourn in Europe.