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Posted by / 31-May-2020 10:38

Is /usr/share/munin/munin-graph somehow setting the wrong permissions, or are the umask settings wrong for the munin user? The umask settings were changed from 022 to 027 to prevent users from being able to read files in other peoples home folders.Unfortunately this had the undesired side-effect that the image file permissions inside /var/cache/munin/www were no longer world-readable either...No So I executed munin-graph manually as the munin user; it generated graphs and the log.So why is munin-graph not executing but munin-html etc is?Generally you need to both change is actually triggered every minute.This will not only change the poll frequency, but also the frequency with which the HTML and graph jobs are run.

I have setup munin for monitoring on an Ubuntu 14.04 server, and I am running into issues viewing the munin graphs.I believe the Apache2 configuration is correct: I have setup the file in /etc/apache2/conf-available/ and then enabled it (I discovered the default file is not configured for Apache 2.4 -- one needs to change the "Order allow,deny" and "allow from" lines to the new Apache 2.4 syntax).I can see the html portions of my munin webpage at but the graphs do not appear.I find that the HTML job is fine, but you absolutely need to change to using FCGI graphing processes rather than rendering the graphs after each update.Aside from avoiding wasteful rerendering of graphs no-one is looking at, FCGI graphing gives you zoomable detailed graphs - and higher-resolution data isn't much use without them.

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