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The My Fox system will need to be popular enough to be in multiple homes in your neighborhood for that My Fox Around technology to work.As a company that's new to the US, that's asking a lot.The My Fox sensors do that but go a step further and sense vibrations as well.Should a crook attempt a forceful entry, My Fox will sense it and sound an alarm. It also includes a unique twist to the standard offering -- a remotely controlled shutter.In theory, the My Fox system can help you prevent a crime before it happens.Many DIY systems, including the well-rounded offerings of Smart Things, include door and window sensors that can alert you when the entrance to your home is ajar.With plenty of connected cameras out there to go along with a variety of smart-home systems, My Fox differentiates itself by adding small extra touches.

If the security of the camera and the vibration detection of the sensors holds up, My Fox might be clever enough to earn a place in your home while keeping crooks out.LAS VEGAS -- At CES 2015, European home security company My Fox debuted a brand-new system specifically for the US.The focus of its offerings: DIY simplicity, privacy and prevention.That stacks up well to the likes of the Drop Cam Pro and Piper.It has night vision, two-way audio and motion detection, giving it the tools to be an apt sentry.

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Field Enterprises—owned by heirs of the Marshall Field's department store chain, and publishers of the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Daily News—was the station's majority partner (with a 50% interest) and was responsible for managing WFLD's day-to-day operations; they were led by veteran broadcasting executive Sterling C. Channel 32 was christened the "Station of Tomorrow" by an April 1966 Sun-Times article because of its innovative technical developments in broadcasting its signal.