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Nigeria sugar mummy dating

he last time my mom came to Lagos she made puff-puff and I got a lot of requests to film a recipe.

Now on my trip to Warri I whipped out the camera and begged mummy to make puff-puff.

Hi, my name is Etinosa, 39 years old, i am from Edo state and i live in Benin City! I have moved on from that and that's what really matters.

Her name is Uju she is from Imo state but she lives in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. She wrote to sugar mummy website, telling us that she needs a sugar boy between the ages 23-35years.

Uju is an oil merchant and she has big connections with top oil exporters in Nigeria.

It was so delicious and she had her own signature recipe that includes ....pepper and onions!

This gives it a different flavour from the puff-puff you get anywhere.

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