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Night sex chat girl

She smiled to herself to see how he was already horny again, remembering how many times she had touched and teased and massaged him, always amazed how hard he could be. She felt hotter, hornier, wetter, wanting to feel it inside her, but enjoying the anticipation.

She had decided to lead this time, to tease and seduce him, use him for her delight.

The heat of the midsummer day still seemed to be rising from the ground.

She felt his hardness pressing against her stomach as she lowered her body onto him, loving the sensation of the smooth, well-lubricated cock pressing against her.

She moaned out loud at the sensation, feeling herself being spread open inside, her body already pulsating as he throbbed harder. And she could take it no longer: she forced her body down on him, feeling him swell and thrust deeper inside her, filling her totally.

And then she let herself go, she used her inner muscles to grip him again, felt him trembling and felt herself throbbing inside as she came powerfully, flooding her warm juices all over him, then feeling it inside as he spurted several times, releasing another large load deep into her!

Yes, she would take that firm cock in her hands, in her mouth, in her body, make it so hard, make it throb and explode, and fill her up later... She breathed in the warm night air, looked up at the stars and moon, then stepped forward. She wanted to open herself up to nature, to be part of the hot summer night in the woodland clearing.

In one swift movement she lifted her dress and pulled it up over her head, dropping it to the ground, releasing her proud young body to the elements, raising her hands and offering herself to the fire's heat.

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He began to moan gently and she felt his cock rise up against her thighs. As he lay still, quietly moaning with delight, she made her fingers wet with juices from her pussy and expertly massaged his hard cock, using both hands, up and down the long shaft, her fingers teasing the soft tip.

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