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Researchers are just beginning to study the neuroscience of hate.

That’s partially because one of the major tools used to study emotions in conscious people didn’t exist until quite recently.

Ray says that hate isn’t simply disliking something in the extreme.

“You do dislike it so, so, so, so much, but you also tend to see it through a moral lens as well,” she says.

Before delving into how hate works, we have to understand what it is. For much of his life, the humorist harbored deep and passionate abhorrence for certain authors, most notably Jane Austen.It’s unclear whether morality is the primary force behind white supremacist communities, but moral code does play a significant role.In a separate study by Ray, websites created by hate groups, including supremacist communities, were about five times more likely to contain words related to morality and moral judgments than online complaint forums where users discussed things they disliked.Even though you may have changed your mind, but you still feel safe, and a lot of people, I think, don’t leave because of that. I’ve spent the last 20 years leaving and it never really gets easier.” More than a decade later, Christian co-founded Life After Hate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping former right wing extremists transition out of the lifestyle.In addition to offering support for recovering racists and those they’ve hurt, Life After Hate also works with government sectors and community organizations to help people outside the supremacist community understand how these groups work. With grant funding from the Department of Justice, Life After Hate is partnering with the research nonprofit, RTI International, to conduct a three-year study that examines behavior patterns of former right wing extremists.

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’ And like in a kung-fu move, just pulls the joint out of my mouth and smacks me in the head…From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be like this guy.” That’s when Clark Martell, a former member of the American Nazi Party who is largely credited with building the early racist skinhead movement in the United States, told Christian about how white men stay enslaved—through advances made by so-called “less intelligent” races, through drugs that calm the mind and draw focus away from the real fight, through greater opportunities for immigrant business owners, ironically just like Christian’s Italian parents.