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However, I studied the Rubric and the subject essay thoroughly. The prompt states, “Your job is to read the course rubric (under ‘course content’) together with the piece below.Once you’ve done this, you will write a two-to-three page essay which argues what letter grade the work below should receive”(Westrope)....There are six steps in order to make a piece of writing effective.These steps include convincing the reader, making the information comprehensible, making it easy to read, making the whole paper interesting, exhibit a clear and confident voice, and try to impact the reader emotionally....The State of Connecticut Legislature created a statue (Section 10-14n) that mandates statewide standardized testing for students in 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th grade....

Schools are encouraged to adapt grade retention to set academic standards.The irony of this is that it seems the more we push people to be what society wants the more it drives them to be what they don’t want.In “David Talamentez…” (lines 57-59) “over by cars....Sitting next to me, David Barry of the LA Philharmonic Board of Directors gave me an introduction to the history of Disney Hall, the LA Philharmonic musicians, and Anton Bruckner....[tags: Symphony Review] - Don't you think that putting people to death is brutal.

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I am just a normal teen who enjoys school, receiving outstanding grades and bio-engineering. [tags: personal description by an 8th grader] - “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy and “ David Talamentez on the Last Day of Second Grade” by Rosemary Catacalos are two poems that show a unique view into society and the roles society expects people to fill.