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Pagdating sa dulo movie summary

Though fully dressed and glamorously made-up, Bernal immediately established a strained central character in this early claustrophobic shot.She moves towards her audience – a group of nameless ordinary folk, mostly men – and she dances her way to each of the tables.They slowly strip her: gloves, skirt, blouse, shoes and all. It is at this moment when Chin opened her eyes and sighed the film’s opening lines: “” Even as early as its 7-minute mark, Bernal establishes his story about one’s scrambling journey to the top and the tragedies that await in one’s dreams.

A significant part of his work is stories about and for women.Their dreams are just within their grasps, but its realization is another thing.Though from a 2016 perspective, PAGDATING SA DULO seems like a familiar Cinderella story of a budding actress, it is good to note too, how Bernal wonderfully orchestrates a film that juxtaposes a struggling society on the brink of a Martial Law proclamation.This series of Filipino films were presented at the Walter Reade Theater of the Lincoln Center, in celebration of the 100th year of Philippine Independence.Ishmael Bernal’s PAGDATING SA DULO (1971) opens in a medium tight shot of Chin (played by Ms. She dances rigidly in this seemingly clenched opening frame.

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The scene captures it all: the decadence of the Martial Law regime, along with its perverse aspirations to art, has doomed the destinies of Filipinos.

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