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By default, the row will be immediately inserted into the table when this method is called.

However, if the Create button also navigates the user back to the browse page, the table will not display the new row because it is not refreshed by default.

I’ve designed a form that should put this all into perspective for you as well as give you a very useful script object which you can place in your Custom Library tab and re-use in other forms.

In short, these are the steps I followed to design this form: I’ve included lots of comments through the scripts to detail what’s going on at each stage as well as why certain things are being done so please have look at the sample (note that you don’t have to have the data connections setup in order to open the form and look at the script) and let me know if you have any questions.

See the script in the "Database" script object in the sample form for more details on how to specify this.

Use the Hierarchy palette to locate it under the root subform.

This is just one way to create a new row, and the SRDemo sample and accompanying documentation explain how to perform insert operations using other methods.

The following image depicts the page flow for this scenario: Perform the following steps to add delete functionality to the browse page: The refresh operations for these scenarios are performed by using a JSF managed bean to execute a refresh, and by using the !

The image below depicts a browse page containing a table of departments, where buttons for inserting or deleting rows are available: The user can select a row and click the Delete button.The key concept with this tutorial is the fact that the node inside an ODBC data connection (as we saw in the tutorial on selecting specific database records) can be used to execute all sorts of SQL statements — not just "select" queries.This means that if you set the node) to be an "insert" SQL statement and open the data connection, the result will be a new record in the database as per the insert statement’s parameters (and the same goes for "update" and "delete" SQL statements).In fact, the XFA 2.4 Specification states, on page 772, that "despite the name [of the child node (which describes how records in the data connection are navigated) must be set to "stay BOF" and "stay EOF", respectively, otherwise you may run into serious problems.That is, the result of reaching the beginning or end of the record set when opening the data connection must be to "stay" where you (the record set navigator) are when the SQL statement is one or more of "insert", "update" and "delete".

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This small tutorial uses a basic ODBC data connection defined in the form and then modifies it, via script, in order to be able to execute SQL statements which either insert, update or delete records from any table in the database for which the data connection was setup to work with.

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