Pinoy dirt chatroom

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Pinoy dirt chatroom

As Weggy once put it: "I've quit RO, plain and sim- ple." Yes. Also, one of the reasons why I quit p RO is: the sudden inflation of JOLOGS pla- yers. I have a friend who just sat it out on one place, regenerating HP, and no less than 3 rude people came and said yucky things, things that your lil bro of 11 years wouldn't want to hear. Pucha, nananahimik lang yung tao pinagtripan na ng mga gago. ^_^ It turned out that this guide was written in vain. (I'll just hope that my RO client is fixed when they come...) WE LOVE YOU PAROKYA NI EDGAR AND MOONSTAR 88!!! Ang ganda pa nga raw ng gitara nung girl sa Moonstar... (ie those hiding bastards who would lure a Munak army to my hapless character and pick up the scraps af- ter I waste them with my Grim Tooth) Very busy these days...

If your letter contains anything listed previously, I will delete it and block you from my list.

pero puno na kami e, tanungin nila yung GM ng extension, si Mini-MP5...

*WARNING*: Loki players, mag-ingat sa isang merchant na ang pangalan ay chubaby!

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-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|------- Philippine Ragnarok Online Common Etiquette and Beginner's FAQ for Philippine Ragnarok Online By: TAKOYAKI E-mail: [email protected] updated: 4/15/04 Best viewed with a fixed width font such as Courier New or else the FAQ would look horrible. @#$%^&*()| ---------- Versions: v2.5 (4/15/04) You've been wondering why I only updated today. I may have quit the game (for monetary reasons and whatnot) but I'm still active in the community. ^_^ Wo E came, and so did Turtle Island and monster skills. Ang mga mabibigay ninyong tips sa mga newbies ng p RO ang idadagdag ko na lang dito.

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