Polyamory married and dating s01e07 we are one ws err0001 Camzap men

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She really seems to want to be the centre of attention.

I really like the triad together, and it seems more about actual polyamory instead of just swinging and trying to sleep with as many people as possible.

They all say" oh it's not sex it's love" which is bs, all these people want is to screw other people.

Guys, I'm not poly (at all) but I've seen a lot of documentaries on them and these people are really not representing poly relationships at all. I like the triad, but I'm getting more & more creeped out by the pod.

I don't see ANY difference between them and the swingers.

Jen only seems to be in it to try to keep Tahl with her Was I the only one that thought that Kamala was complaining a lot about the triad?when jen and kamala were taking a shower it was odd cuz they had absolutely no chemistry. I oddly like the triad, i think they have a pretty balanced relationship going on. i still think Vanessa is like in LOVE With Lindsey... I'll probably get banned for this, but I've finally found a website where you can watch the episodes Episode 1 unfortunately hasn't been uploaded, but episodes 2-6 are there and there's all different types of streams to choose from. This show really isn't representing poly well at all.I feel I should share my story so people won't judge real poly relationships based on this crap. Ive been in an all female triad for 9 years (10 if you count the year we were sorta together but didn't realise what it was). Because I fell completely in love with two people, who were both in love with me, and in love with each other. i think she has really strong feelings for roxanne. Because I have to share my computer with my family and am a bit iffy about downloading things that my computer says may have a virus. call me weird but I find nothing about group sex hot. Is there a way you can put them on a site like 1channel.ch?

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I actually was open minded when this show started, to the idea of polyamory but now I see it's all bullshit. And it's clear the wife of Tal is only living this lifestyle because her husband wants to fuck other people, her sister was right.