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Noticing the similarity of crops such as corn, beans, and squash which had not been observed before, Johannessen began to postulate thatcontact between the hemispheres and that sculptures depicting corn in East Indian temples, for example, that Johannessen provided as evidence could not possibly depict corn (See images at right and develop your own opinion).Despite these setbacks, like others in the Coalition, Johannessen and Sorenson (author of Pre-Columbian contact with the Americas across the oceans) continue to move forward wi"Maize breeders in India, China, United States, and Great Britain, who have seen extensive collections of the illustrations, concur..sculptors with abundant ears of maize as models could have created these illustrations of maize"In the past several years not only have researchers battling suppression questioned the objectivity behind mainstream science and anthropology but so has an increasingly Internet-savvy general public.Those who trust the institutions but do not investigate the evidence themselves are easily prodded along. Go beyond what you read on blogs or watch on standard science programs and be prepared to question what you have long been taught regarding the peopling of the Americas. However, much of the data on the archaeological Click on the link or the picture for Virginia Steen-Mc Intyre's Pleistocene Coalition page and quick information on Valsequillo and Hueyatlaco.) Steen-Mc Intyre is a founding member of the Pleistocene Coalition and editor and advisor for or Neanderthals as just barely intelligent enough to walk around or throw a few spears?Is your picture one in which early peoples spend their entire lives in little more than a desperate struggle for survival without stories philosophies?

Johanessen began research into the domestication of plants and animals in Central America followed by investigations in the Himalayan region of Asia which were funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.The website will also feature plotted maps, migration routes, and sea-level charts in time zones such as 20-40,000 years ago as well as evidence of 60,000 playa lakes in what is now desert area of the U. Apart from speaking at conferences, she leads workshops on Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication (2008) - which has won awards and accolades - and, Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principals in Design (2012), each of which have been translated into Chinese, Korean and Spanish.Macnab is also a lecturer in the popular TEDx program (ideas worth spreading).Small random holes in these hide tents would have coincidentally and occasionally formed camera obscuras, projecting moving images inside the dwelling spaces.These ghostly images carried with them spiritual, philosophical, and aesthetic implications." Archaeological evidence for earlier contact than promoted by the mainstream science and historical communities includes appearance of new food crops, animals, calendars, religious practices, medical procedures, genetics, etc. D, Professor Emeritus at Brigham Young University, Dept. They are co-authors of the ground-breaking book, was rejected for publication by mainstream presses and university presses alike.

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There are as many as 500,000 Carolina Bays which, for the most part, are all aligned in exactly the same direction.) Howard's Chantal Jgues-Wolkiewiez, Ph. She has specialized in the time-keeping and astronomical capabilities of the people of Lascaux Cave in France.