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Western developer Winter Wolves has done a lot of dating sim-type stuff as well. In fact, the term "dating sim" isn't even really correct, as it only encompasses romance games that have simulation elements (usually meters for stats that you have to raise to get the girl/guy you're pursuing).Originally Posted by apricot Don't forget HATOFUL BOYFRIEND There are a lot of not-so-big options in English, though!If you want to go the hentai route, there's a fair bit of that... I actually have a lot of their games since they had a bundle a while ago, but never got fair in any of them.There's also the Cheritz (a Korean developer) otome games, Dandelion and Nameless, which both look pretty solid. I guess going broader with indies, there's also Choice Of Games: Their stuff DOES have RPG/stat mechanics, but it's all text based.

Remember, this is a chance to dabble in a genre that you otherwise might have never tried, so let's go crazy!Originally Posted by Just Another Otaku Might be a good opportunity to play more Photo Kano on PSP and download that f2p Dream Club on PS4.Also, that 'If I were in a sealed room with a girl' 3DS game..counts as romance, right? Just out of curiosity, I Googled it in Japanese, and it's classified as an "adult game" (very specific Japan lol), which is considered a subset of ren'ai games... YOU'RE GOOD I really don't think anyone's going to be picky about what you play, so as long as it's got a heavy focus on romance, I say go for it! I'd have to think about that some more, but off the top of my head, Analogue: A Hate Story and its sequel, Hate Plus, would fit the bill!Since February is the somewhat official month of romance, what better way to celebrate than with some dating sim games?The dating sim genre hasn't ever had its time in the limelight outside of Japan, where it's actually quite popular with both men and women.

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Although, my understanding is that gay-male romances are just straight-female romances tweaked a bit. Might finally get around to playing this and I have been recommended it a number of times.

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