Radiocarbon dating easy explanation

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Radiocarbon dating easy explanation

379 subglacial lakes have now been identified beneath the Antarctic continent.

This map, using data from Wright and Siegert 2012 [1] shows that many are located in ice-stream onset zones as well as underneath slow-moving ice domes.

There are therefore density contrasts between meltwater and the main body of lake water, which results in circulation within the lake.Satellite images and airbourne radio echo-sounding have been used to identify flat regions on the ice-sheet surface.These flat areas have subglacial lakes beneath them.The largest is Lake Vostok in East Antarctica (240 km long, 50 km wide and hundreds of metres deep[4]), which is of significant interest to researchers because of its potential to harbour life.Subglacial lakes have an ice-water interface that slopes eleven times more than the ice-surface gradient (but in the opposite direction and if they are in hydrostatic equilibrium).

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It lies within a subglacial topographic basin, similar to a rift valley[4].

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