Rainie yang and jiro wang dating aubrey oday dating donnie wahlberg

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Talking about her ideal lover, Rainie says that house guys are no problem because she quite likes to stay at home herself.

She even said that they were good because they won't go out to get to know other girls and muck around.

It's like he doesn't have express that whole range of emotions, he is very peaceful.

I really wanna see what he looks like when he's angry!

' So I think the director was very smart, testing my reaction but also capturing Da Dong's natural side."Rainie: "In this drama, I pretty much don't wear make-up and I'm always wearing a wig.

However, Jiro really cares about his looks, always fixing it up and looking in the mirror.

In "Absolute Boyfriend", the main character is a customizable robot made to be the 'perfect boyfriend' with a long list of qualities such as good looks, charm, and intelligence.

Interviewers wanted Hye Sun to compare Jiro and Wu Chun's physiques, Hye Sun laughs and says, "Because I haven't seen either, I can't possibly compare them now," .

However, just before filming, the director told me to use my left hand to slap Da Dong in order to capture his natural emotions.

Even though I don't like to watch cartoons, I used to watch [Fushigi Yuuki], the story involves travelling between different dimensions, love and fighting.

I like watching fantasy and cartoons about things that would be less likely to happen in real life." Rainie this house girl, is indeed very special.

Because I've never experienced not being able to stop crying after a crying scene, I think he must have been thinking of something very sad at the time."This Valentine's Day, Rainie will have a new romantic idol drama airing.

Rainie who loves work, will be working on Valentine's Day.

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Rainie: "There was one crying scene that left me very surprised because Da Dong kept saying that he couldn't do crying scenes.