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Posted by / 12-Aug-2020 10:37

Recommendations to internet dating

With Neo4j, the algorithm can be expressed in a few lines of code and give results in real-time.

That is a huge difference compared to what traditional databases offer.

It is no wonder that the biggest online dating websites are using it.

It helps them suggest in real-time potential dates to their customers.

The better the suggestions, the more chances people will want to meet…and enjoy doing so.

Max de Marzi has written a nice recommendation for the data we are using : If you want to learn more about Cypher, I encourage you to go to Max’s blog and read the breakdown of the query.

The query outputs a list of potential matches for a given user.

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It emulates the kind of data an online dating site would have. It has been prepared by Max de Marzi of Neo Technology who used to show how Neo4j can be used for match making.