Redating egg cartons

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Redating egg cartons

Similarly, when someone at Ohtori says they like Saionji, you can expect certain traits to be present in them that are altogether different from the traits of a Touga fan. They require two different but very widespread personality types, so that saying you like one over the other will give away something about who you are.Touga and Saionji are two extremes in personality that tend to hold an equal amount of appeal among girls. In this way Touga and Saionji are the pop culture of the school, and though every girl on the campus knows which she likes better, the actual number of girls who pursue them is much less.This is something even the most nurturing person can expect to deal with from Saionji, he's a hostile person and makes little to no effort to publicly conceal it.Wakaba is not submissive in a way that she would garner pleasure from physical (or mental) abuse.The only thing that makes her exceptional is her friendship with Utena.In her darkest hour (her Black Rose duel) she truly stands out, but even then the issue she takes to the arena is far from uncommon among normal teenage girls, though I dare say it's not often resolved in such ways.

This need to nurture draws her to a man like Saionji.However they were put together, and girls saw them all at once, and that made the whole more appealing than the parts.This applies to Touga and Saionji, both of whom would have amassed fans on their own, but as a pair they are as Gods among the school's blushing throngs.He has, as the strong and silent type often does, a visible measure of vulnerability and angst.It's not obvious so that you could point it out on any one occasion, but it's there.

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In true schoolgirl fashion, Wakaba is an energetic, enthusiastic, gossip-loving, average C student.