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Contestant Sherry Johnston, who was voted off the ranch on last week's show, revealed that Sam Poueu, 24, and Stephanie Anderson, 29, are a couple.

Sam, a youth football coach and security guard from Rohnert Park, California has reportedly made a serious connection with radio sales executive Stephanie who lives in West Hollywood.

As a result, he punctured a lung, severed his kidney and shattered his pelvis.

Poueu and his cousin Koli Palu make up the Gray team.Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson were surely not going on the NBC show to find love when the episodes first aired in spring 2010, but they started dating within a few weeks at the ranch, and soon after that got into a serious relationship.Overall, the two lost more than 240 pounds between them despite neither party winning, and they returned to the ranch in October so that Sam could get down on one knee and propose.It was a painful three-month recovery process but Anderson stood by his side, determined that the injury wouldn't deter their wedding plans."The day is going to be great," Anderson recently told the magazine. It's a pure celebration of Sam's perseverance, of our family's perseverance to get through this with him and a great day that is another step into the rest of our lives together over the next 60, 70 years!Poueu proposed while shooting a special at the show’s ranch in Calabasas, California on October 4.“You look for a partner who loves you for everything you are and everything you’re not,” Stephanie tells Us “And that, for me, is Sam.”The couple started dating after the third episode of their season.

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Sam was born on the tiny island of American Samoa and was adopted by his uncle and aunt who lived in the States when he was just a baby.