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By BECKY KARKEditor and general manager COVERT — This week Barbara Rose will close one chapter of her life and begin a new one.

The expenditure will pay for a magnetometer for the Friend of the Court office, the purchase and repair of X-ray equipment, as well as signs and cameras with card readers. Fred Upton are working on legislation to make James C.The township also undertook the task of sealcoating 10 miles of roadways each year and clearing roadside ditches on a regular cycle.She and her husband Geoffrey even helped address blight concerns downtown when they purchased a home that had become known as a hangout for alleged drug dealers.One of the hurdles to construction is getting permission from the Village of Paw Paw to build on St. But Commissioner John "Mike" Henry didn't see that as a lock-in.Assuming the millage is passed "the board is not obligated the levy the millage at all," Henry said.

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