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Sex chat belgium no fee

the reviews also says the same, so I decided to buy it, but unfortunately it was very expensive (300 UDS), so I started looking for a clone, and I found "Afnan Supremacy" which smelled very very nice. I used Supremacy for two years, then I found better option, some perfume called "Polo Aventus (one word)", and this one was super awesome, and got many many compliments from my male and female friends, and still until this point I dont know how Aventus exactly smells.

Then I heard that "Club De Nuit Intense" is the closest smell to Aventus, so I bought it.

Best when it’s humid as hell, thankfully it’s like that during the summertime up north.

Seems like pineapple is enjoyable in men fragrances (I.e this, scent of Peace for Men, and the neon green/navy blue Bond bottle) This lady asked me what I was wearing, I told her.

First impression was "nooo, this cannot be the closest smell to Aventus, this is not even a great smell, even thought the dry down is similar to "Supremacy" and "Polo Aventus" which I am using".

So I kept using "Supremacy" and "Polo Aventus" for some time until I decided to buy the Original Aventus for 300 UDS, and I was surprised that it really smells exactly like "Club De Nuit Intense", FUCK !!!!!

Not Worth The Money At All , It's Like Abercombie Fierce No , Not Like The Smell Like The "Talks Around Him" If Fierce Was Ceapest From Legend Intense What Would You Choose ? It's Smell Good , Yes But It's A "Safe" For My Opinion - Sorry For Poor English - Overhyped but still excellent. The dry down is lovely, and the performances are good. Yes, I have jumped on the Aventus hype train and I f***ing love it.

You are wearing this simply for the pleasure of others and seeking mass attention.

Online shops offers: Notino DE-AT 13 items for 5.60 - 615.00 EURFragrance 6 items for 5.84 - 297.69 USDFragrance EUR 2 items for 300.26 - 353.62 EURFragrance 2 items for 349.99 - 412.19 USDView products...

Aventus celebrates strength, vision and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and romance lived by Emperor Napoleon.

And those fragrances just smell bad, with Joop Homme and maybe Boss Bottled being slight exceptions.

And €270 for a 100 ml bottle of this juice is easily justifiable.

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It's equally as stupid to try to dislike Queen, Michael Jackson or The Beatles just because they're "mainstream". I'm not surprised this is my girlfriend's favorite fragrance on me and she had no clue what Creed even was before she knew me.

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