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I always liked the quote by JFK that he liked a girl until he "had her three ways." I do think that if you really are attracted to a woman, you want to experience every part of her including her ass.

My personal experience has always been that anal is much more exciting in the mind than in reality.

I love a good ass fuck, that is when you know she is really yours!

I know it's not the safest but Filipinas are up for everything and every now and again, you have to live a bit dangerously. Anal can be great but that is one hole I have never and would never do bareback.

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I agree with you that a nice, self lubricating pussy is preferable - I've only used the back door a couple of times and it was in both cases in the throes of very passionate prolonged sex.

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Even when married, my wife and I would use a condom for anal.