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To date, 45 of these stones have been dug out - they are arranged in circles from five to ten yards across - but there are indications that much more is to come.

Geomagnetic surveys imply that there are hundreds more standing stones, just waiting to be excavated. If Gobekli Tepe was simply this, it would already be a dazzling site - a Turkish Stonehenge.

As the carvings on the stones show - and as archaeological remains reveal - this was once a richly pastoral region.

There were herds of game, rivers of fish, and flocks of wildfowl; lush green meadows were ringed by woods and wild orchards. As we began farming, we changed the landscape and the climate.

Calling his dog to heel, the shepherd resolved to inform someone of his finds when he got back to the village. Others would say he'd made the greatest archaeological discovery They got in touch with the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. Archaeologists worldwide are in rare agreement on the site's importance.

Gobekli is thus the oldest such site in the world, by a mind-numbing margin. This revelation, that Stone Age hunter-gatherers could have built something like Gobekli, is worldchanging, for it shows that the old hunter-gatherer life, in this region of Turkey, was far more advanced than we ever conceived - almost unbelievably sophisticated.

But then they found that they couldn't feed so many people with regular hunting and gathering.

The world's first farmyard pigs were domesticated at Cayonu, just 60 miles away.

About three years ago, intrigued by the first scant details of the site, I flew out to Gobekli.

It was a long, wearying journey, but more than worth it, not least as it would later provide the backdrop for a new novel I have written.

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Back then, on the day I arrived at the dig, the archaeologists were unearthing mind-blowing artworks.