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Sex dating in delight arkansas

Friends and family all know of my husband's rules about underwear and over time they have become accustomed to seeing me braless.But in the early days I got a lot of ribbing from my sisters and girlfriends about this.This was sometimes quite embarrassing, but I always did it nonetheless. These days everyone knows of my conditions, so that part of the game no longer exists.Going without underwear is still as much of a challenge today as it was 14 years ago when I started doing it. As a mom of 3 & 43 years old my husband always said how sexy I looked w/o a bra.My husband is just great and can't keep his hands off me after 7 years of marriage.I also like to wear short skirts to complement my look - and on certain naughty days or evenings out with my husband, I leave my panties in the drawer.If I'm wearing pants or shorts all I wear is a g-string. I guess I have sagged a little over the yrs., but I think that has to do with age as well.It took a while to find the comfortable ones but I eventually found some all cotton types that are so comfortable it's like heaven. I have not worn one since; in fact I don't even own one. My husband and me live in a very secluded house and we are nudists as well.

Although there have been a few awkward moments where comments were made about my look in meetings with male clients, my bosses have been very supportive of me and feel that, overall, my style of dress is positive for their travel agency business.Also, my daughter has just started wearing a bra, which she fought me on because her father won't let me wear one. Thanks, Tina From Stella: First of all, Tina, at the risk of causing trouble between you and your husband, it's your body! (I'm sure if you ask a male physician, he will say you are). A bra is simply an optional fashion item, not a health device.Why would you let him "forbid" you to wear a bra if you want to? Alright, now I will shut up and butt out on that issue, because I am a firm believer that whatever power arrangement works for a couple is their business, and no one elses. I hate them and feel it is the equivalent of a man having to wear a necktie. I love the feeling of going bra-less, and luckily for me, my guy also thinks that is just fine! There is no doubt that as you age, your breasts will sag some and lose elasticity. This interesting website gives more support :) for going braless: this woman has some kind of power exchange thing going with the hubby or is in some kind of D/s, bdsm, master/slave thing, then he may not be a jerk and may be perfectly within his rights inside of their relationship.In the summer we have friends over to go swimming and have a bar b-q after.We all go swimming nude, and the women that go nude are in their 30s and late 40s. I am a 34 year old mother of two and very grateful and proud to have a figure similar to Tina's.

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