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Well-heeled beauties including Lucy Liu, Rachel Zoe, Lea Michele, Dita von Teese, Monet Mazur and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turned out to toast the famed footwear genius and celebrate the luxury brand’s 20th anniversary.

As Just Luxe’s senior fashion and beauty correspondent, I was amongst the crowd and nabbed a few minutes with the man of the hour for a quickie interview.

The combination presents fertile ground for misusing these new data streams.

Among the success stories so far: the use of search trends to predict GOP primary outcomes.

In the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been fueled by millennial backing, while Hillary Clinton culls a greater share of support from older generations.

And forecasters have begun analyzing Google results as yet another data point in the ongoing quest to predict elections accurately.We got word last week that Birel ART had some news to reveal and just moments ago they lifted the cover off of their new front spoiler and front panel bodywork designs, and damn they are sexy!Birel ART has been through a few different bodywork configurations over the past five years, but this one is by far the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve ever seen, with what we expect are accents created from time spent in a wind tunnel, but also on track with the pushback bumper system. When news organizations began crowning winners and losers from four contests last Tuesday, they seemed to confirm what Google search activity the day before had suggested.Ted Cruz led queries for candidates in Idaho, John Kasich saw unexpectedly high interest from users in Michigan, and Marco Rubio posted lackluster Google numbers across all states in play. Google activity’s accuracy last week came after it similarly helped forecast outcomes in earlier GOP primaries, as economist Justin Wolfers pointed out in a March 1 piece for But Wolfers and others have also warned of the limitations of this data.

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