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“These (concerns) are usually accompanied by comments about supervisors being tetchy or quick-tempered when under pressure themselves,” the task force found.

It recommended that while it is inevitable that personal schedules sometimes have to make way for demands of the work, supervising lawyers should not take rookies’ availability for granted.

“Human error caused the correct passwords and cryptographic keys not to be keyed into the (software programme used by Quoine), which caused the (Quoine) platform to perform abnormally,” he said.

Copyright 2017 Media Corp Pte Ltd | All Rights Reserved Expose rookie lawyers to more proper legal work rather than treat them as “merely as sources of labour”, and be more nurturing and patient when communicating with them, senior members of the Bar have been urged.

In his latest speech in August, CJ Menon urged law firms to “make it a priority” to ensure that safeguards are in place for lawyers who may be struggling.

However, B2C2 alleges that Quoine had “acted fraudulently”, based on the agreement that an order, once fulfilled, is “irreversible”, and sought to recover its losses of over 3,000 bitcoins.

B2C2 also argues that Quoine’s breach of trust “deprived it of the opportunity to sell the proceeds on the date of their highest immediate value”, the court was told during a hearing on Dec 5.

For young lawyers who have already earned a place in their firms, mentorship was also a key area with room for improvement.

Noting that such elements cannot be enforced by “hard legislation”, the task force recommended that firms adopt structured feedback systems which include at least two face-to-face appraisal sessions per year.

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Young lawyers surveyed also expressed their preference for “face-time” with supervisors and more regular feedback, with some noting that the only indication of their calibre often came only when the firms they trained at decided to retain them.

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