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svnserve speaks a custom protocol, while mod_dav_svn uses Web DAV as its network protocol.See chapter 6 in the Subversion book to learn more. The long answer: if you just want to access a repository, then you only need to build a Subversion client.FSFS repositories (introduced in version 1.1) do not have this restriction; however, due to a limitation in Win9x's file-locking support, they also don't work in Win9x.To reiterate, the Subversion client can be run on any platform where APR runs.Copyright © 2017 The Apache Software Foundation, Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.Apache, Apache Subversion, and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.

Also, the revision number should not be used as the publicly-visible release number of a particular project in the repository.Different versions of Apache can happily coexist on the same machine.Just change the First, note that Subversion has no concept of projects.A year later when we declared "alpha", Subversion was already being used by dozens of private developers and shops for real work.After that, it was two more years of bugfixing and stabilization until we reached 1.0. However, if the client and server versions don't match, certain features may not be available.

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The repository just stores a versioned directory tree — you may consider certain sub-trees to be projects, but Subversion doesn't treat them differently from any other sub-tree.

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