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Superposition dating

Were the fossils in these rocks the result of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden?

Many people would say yes and go against the grain of mainstream geology. We will explore this and other biblical geology questions on this site (photo by author). Within the Christian community there are Young-Earth Creationists (abbreviated YECs throughout this site) and Old-Earth Creationists (abbreviated OECs throughout this site).

Geologists can "listen" to this story by carefully studying the layer's rock type (lithology), mineralogy and fossil content.

(Photo by author)Because today there is a perceived wall between some Christians and scientists, both of whom feel the other side is blinded to the truth in the data before them.

Most OECs adhere to local extents such as, a local Flood; a localized Curse that did not affect the whole Creation; and a Creation account that was intended only to give a brief list of relevant created things.

Based on how one feels as to the extents of these events, arguments undoubtedly arise as to the age of the earth, the history of the physical laws of nature and the reliability of the geologic record.

A consequence of this approach to the Phanerozoic periods is that the ages of their beginnings and ends can change from time to time as the absolute age of the chosen rock sequences, which define them, is more precisely determined.

The set of rocks (sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic) that formed during a geologic period is known as a system, so for example the 'Jurassic System' of rocks was formed during the 'Jurassic Period' (between 201 and 145 million years ago).

The rocks formed during a period belong to a stratigraphic unit called a system.

The twelve currently recognised periods of the present eon – the Phanerozoic – are defined by the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) by reference to the stratigraphy at particular locations around the world.

In 2004 the Ediacaran Period of the latest Precambrian was defined in similar fashion, and was the first such newly designated period in 130 years; but earlier periods are simply defined by age.

We will also see if there are any theological implications in adhering to an old-earth versus a young-earth view.

To help you out with your beliefs regarding these events, I have prepared a Codex Sinaiticus: The oldest virtually complete Bible available today, dating from the 4th century AD. Note the "Fruit of the Spirit" are written on separate lines in the first column as opposed to the standard 12 letters per line (image courtesy of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM)).

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Cases like this in China, Russia and even New Zealand with other geological eras has slowed down the uniform organization of the stratigraphic record.