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Carlsberg would inject 160 million Danish crowns (about US.90 million) and have a 30% interest in the venture. The company has also brought the Tuborg and Palone brands to India.Palone is sold as a 'strong' beer with 7.5% alcohol by volume.It is the third largest brewing company in Poland with a 14.4% market share.Brands include Harnaś, Kasztelan, Okocim, Piast, Somersby and Carlsberg.

Some of the company's original logos include an elephant, after which some of its lagers are named, and the swastika whose use was discontinued in the 1930s because of its association with political parties in neighboring Germany.The species of yeast used to make pale lager, Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, was isolated by Emil Christian Hansen at the laboratory in 1883 and bears its name; this was shared freely by Carlsberg. Because of a conflict with his son Carl, Jacobsen's brewery was left to the Foundation upon his death in 1887.The first overseas license for brewing was given to the Photos Photiades Breweries, and in 1966 Carlsberg glass and beer was brewed for the first time outside Denmark at the Photiades breweries in Cyprus.Carlsberg acquired 100% control of the Okocim Group, which included the Okocim Brewery, in 2004.The subsidiary owns four brewing plants and employs a staff of 1,250.

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The company is a significant operator in the brewing industry in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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