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I think every figurine is hand-painted, and all of them as surprisingly well-made. It’s fun and it’s great for fine motor skills (super important for a bilingual child! I just finished reading Robert Galbraith’s recently published second novel called “The Silkworm”, which is the sequel to “The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Although, that might just be me having read too many detective stories over the years. Some people I know consider it poor taste to start Christmas decorating before December, but I don’t agree.

To save all the celebrating for just one or a few days just seems like such a waste of joy. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether to go for a real Christmas tree or a plastic one.If there is a bank account which was opened for the sole purpose of you both throwing in money to pay the bills, then I have no problem with this.But if every dime you make is accounted for in your relationship by your spouse?When I worked in real estate, I cold called people to pitch them on refinancing their mortgage.Nearly every person who picked up the phone was annoyed. ” It’s because people are turned off by “salesmen”.

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Although, I am leaning towards a nice plastic tree. The biggest one is that we have moved to a different city.