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Today, brothels and street-based sex work remain illegal.It is illegal to knowingly be a client of a sex worker working in a commercial sexual services business.Initially dubbed "Bigots Island" by international media due to intense social and political hostility to LGBT rights up until the late 1990s, Tasmania imposed the harshest penalties in the Western world for homosexual activity until 1997, when it was the last Australian jurisdiction to decriminalise homosexuality after a United Nations Human Rights Committee ruling, the passage of federal sexual privacy legislation and a High Court challenge to the state's anti-homosexuality laws.Sodomy was originally outlawed throughout the island from the time of British settlement.Labor MLC Josh Willie said the Government's accusation was gutter politics."Labor and independent MLCs voted against the legislation based on evidence," he said.

"I believe any attempt to restrict the discretion of the judge in the imposition of a sentence strikes at the heart of the proper administration of justice, and I think that's to be deplored."The bill sought to introduce: Hobart MLC Rob Valentine agreed judges should be free to "do their job".(2012) In November 2008 Scarlet Alliance lodged a Submission with the Tasmanian Attorney General Lara Giddings. More recently both the Catholic church in Tasmania and Scarlet Alliance have lodged submissions with Minister Giddings. Who pushed for the brothel criminalisation in 2005?The Australian state of Tasmania has a transformative history with respect to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people."I really have to think very carefully whether I have the knowledge, or the understanding of the law, to equal that of a judge."Labor's three MLCs did not support the bill - nor did the party support it in the Lower House - because of their opposition to mandatory minimum sentencing.The State Government accused Labor of using its balance of power to defeat the bill.

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