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It is not “far-right” It is not “white suprematism” It is not “a conspiracy theory” It is not “crazy” It is not “Islamophobic”...

It reflects the intellect, work ethics and romantic essence of #White People.

Though I've read a fair amount of Victorian erotica - fiction as well as the candid memoirs of Coral Pearl, Frank Harris and a few other uninhibited souls - I don't recall a single mention of piercings of any sort. s little gold ring before now, it would surprise me to learn that the Prince Consort actually sported this novelty. s apoplectic fury (his letters from the period border on the irrational) at his eldest son?

I tend to doubt that this was a widespread fashion in the 19th century. s fling with an actress at an army camp in 1861, he was undoubtedly uptight about sexual matters and thus unlikely to go in for even this mild bit of kinkiness.

Hope that the tech part will be solved by end of the week. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching your child grow and thrive recognizing features & character traits of yourself in it.

No ephemeral entertainment could offer you the happiness you will experience as a parent/family.

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To hazard a guess, could it be that from some angles a foreskin held together with a gold ring resembles the double-breasted frock coat known as a Prince Albert?